USB: gadget: Add Samsung S3C24xx USB HS controller driver

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From: Heiko =?iso-8859-1?q?St=FCbner?= <heiko@...> Date: Wed, 23 Mar 2011 22:35:49 +0100

On 2010-10-13 Sangbeom Kim sent 4 patches to add support the USB High-Speed device controller module on Samsung's S3C2416, S3C2443 and S3C2450. [1] bdooks worte on 2010-10-22: > patch 3/4 needs a bit of work, otherwise looks ok. > I'll look at applying the s3c24xx items in the next day or so. On 2010-10-23 Kukjin Kim send a revised version of patch 3. It seems the patches were forgotten after this. We resurrected them while working on a s3c2416 based device. Patch 3 needed an update to work with current kernels. The other 3 patches were not modified. Tests, comments, etc very welcome. Thanks Heiko [1] [2] Sangbeom Kim wrote on 2010-10-13: > The Samsung's S3C2416, S3C2443 and S3C2450 includes a USB High-Speed > device controller module. This driver enables support for USB high-speed > gadget functionality for the Samsung S3C24xx SoC's that include this > controller. The patch series contains: [PATCH 1/4] ARM: S3C2416: Add USB Phy register definitions [PATCH 2/4] ARM: S3C24XX: Add plaform device definition for USB High-Speed gadget controller. [PATCH v2 3/4] USB: Gadget: Add Samsung S3C24XX USB High-Speed controller driver [PATCH 4/4] ARM: S3C2416: Add support for USB 2.0 High-Speed gadget controller

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