drm/rockchip: hdmi support for rk3328

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From: Heiko Stuebner <heiko@...> Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2018 14:42:55 +0200

The rk3228/rk3229 and rk3328 socs started using a new type of hdmi-phy from Innosilicon that resides completely separate from the dw-hdmi block and gets accessed via mmio. Additionally the rk3328 dw-hdmi does not report the vendor-phy type but a different one instead, so add the possibility to override the phy type when the glue driver knows better than the ip block itself. changes in v5: - disable CEC_5V option to make CEC actually work (Jonas) changes in v4: - rebased onto 4.19-rc2 - no actual changes - added Rob's Ack on the dw-hdmi compatible changes in v3: - split off phy driver into a separate series - only allow forcing vendor phy type - wording fixes and other nits changes in v2: - phy: prevent overflow in tmdsclk calculation as reported by Martin Cerveny - phy: use unsigned long for all tmdsclk rate uses - phy: simplify tmds rate calculation - dropped patch exporting some dw-hdmi phy functions as a similar patch entered drm-misc already Heiko Stuebner (6): drm/bridge: dw-hdmi: allow forcing vendor phy-type drm/rockchip: dw_hdmi: Allow outputs that don't need output switching dt-bindings: allow optional phys in Rockchip dw_hdmi binding drm/rockchip: dw_hdmi: allow including external phys drm/rockchip: dw_hdmi: store rockchip_hdmi reference in phy_data object drm/rockchip: dw_hdmi: add dw-hdmi support for the rk3328 .../display/rockchip/dw_hdmi-rockchip.txt | 3 + drivers/gpu/drm/bridge/synopsys/dw-hdmi.c | 4 +- drivers/gpu/drm/rockchip/dw_hdmi-rockchip.c | 126 +++++++++++++++++- include/drm/bridge/dw_hdmi.h | 1 + 4 files changed, 130 insertions(+), 4 deletions(-) -- 2.17.0

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