drm/rockchip: px30 dsi support

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From: Heiko Stuebner <heiko.stuebner@...> Date: Mon, 9 Dec 2019 10:39:19 +0100

This series addes support for the px30 Rockchip soc to the dsi driver. This includes support for external dsi-phys like used on the px30. What happened between v1 and v5? The then separate dsi hs2lp timing patch happened ;-) . As both it and this series touch similar areas in the dsi driver ordering becomes an issue and so combining them to make ordering explicit is helpful. v2-v4 where then iterations of the timing patch. So this v5 is mainly rebased on 5.5-rc1 and rechecked against drm-misc. Heiko Stuebner (6): drm/bridge/synopsys: dsi: driver-specific configuration of phy timings drm/bridge/synopsys: dsi: move phy_ops callbacks around panel enablement dt-bindings: display: rockchip-dsi: document external phys drm/rockchip: add ability to handle external dphys in mipi-dsi dt-bindings: display: rockchip-dsi: add px30 compatible drm/rockchip: dsi: add px30 support .../display/rockchip/dw_mipi_dsi_rockchip.txt | 13 +- drivers/gpu/drm/bridge/synopsys/dw-mipi-dsi.c | 40 ++-- drivers/gpu/drm/rockchip/Kconfig | 1 + .../gpu/drm/rockchip/dw-mipi-dsi-rockchip.c | 173 +++++++++++++++++- drivers/gpu/drm/stm/dw_mipi_dsi-stm.c | 13 ++ include/drm/bridge/dw_mipi_dsi.h | 9 + 6 files changed, 227 insertions(+), 22 deletions(-) -- 2.24.0

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