ARM: rockchip: move io-domains under GRF

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From: Heiko Stuebner <heiko@...> Date: Wed, 30 Mar 2016 17:29:04 +0200

The GRF contains both individual settings-bits as well as somewhat more fully blocks like different phy-controls and also the io-voltage selection. Similar to the power-domains living under the pmu, things like said io-voltage selection should live under the grf instead of separate nodes higher up. This is even more important now that socs like the rk3368 and probably more future socs seem to contain more than one GRF-area (a second one under the PMU power-domain) with each containing a part of the voltage selection. So having that in the correct place also prevents confusion. Ideally patch1 would go into 4.7 through the power or avs tree and the devicetree-related things should wait until after the next merge window due to the updated binding, which I can then simply apply to my dts branches. changes in v2: - adapt patch1 to underlying changes in the iodomain driver Heiko Stuebner (5): PM / AVS: rockchip-io: make io-domains a child of the GRF ARM: dts: rockchip: make rk3288-grf a simple-mfd ARM: dts: rockchip: move rk3288 io-domain nodes to the grf arm64: dts: rockchip: make rk3368 grf syscons simple-mfds as well ####### got moved to a separate series doing a bit more ####### arm64: dts: rockchip: add rk3368 iodomains .../bindings/power/rockchip-io-domain.txt | 4 ++- arch/arm/boot/dts/rk3288-firefly.dtsi | 33 +++++++++++---------- arch/arm/boot/dts/rk3288-popmetal.dts | 34 ++++++++++++---------- arch/arm/boot/dts/rk3288-rock2-som.dtsi | 34 ++++++++++++---------- arch/arm/boot/dts/rk3288-veyron.dtsi | 28 +++++++++--------- arch/arm/boot/dts/rk3288.dtsi | 2 +- arch/arm64/boot/dts/rockchip/rk3368-r88.dts | 22 ++++++++++++++ arch/arm64/boot/dts/rockchip/rk3368.dtsi | 4 +-- drivers/power/avs/rockchip-io-domain.c | 10 ++++++- 9 files changed, 105 insertions(+), 66 deletions(-) -- 2.6.4

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