board: puma: use dtb given on the commandline instead of

A patch from »board: puma: use dtb given on the commandline instead of« in state Mainline for u-boot

From: Heiko Stuebner <heiko.stuebner@...> Date: Wed, 6 May 2020 12:44:48 +0200


The make_fit_spl scripts get the dtb to use as commandline option, so use it for puma as well. Signed-off-by: Heiko Stuebner <heiko.stuebner@...> Reviewed-by: Kever Yang <kever.yang@...>


Longterm we'll want to switch back to the main rockchip fit generator, now that the old atf 4gb .bin is history for quite some time. board/theobroma-systems/puma_rk3399/ | 2 +- 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+), 1 deletion(-)


  • 1 lines added
  • 1 lines removed


-------------- board/theobroma-systems/puma_rk3399/ --------------
index 420e7daf4c..c9396577a9 100755
@@ -69,7 +69,7 @@ cat << __HEADER_EOF
fdt {
description = "RK3399-Q7 (Puma) flat device-tree";
- data = /incbin/("u-boot.dtb");
+ data = /incbin/("$1");
type = "flat_dt";
compression = "none";

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